Imagine that one of your friends or relatives was going to open up a business. Think about the top 5 takeaways from Managerial Accounting (ACCT 2120) that you would want to share with this person to help him or her make this business a success.

Now write a 7+ page report containing the following information.
1. Introduction (1 page maximum)
2. About The Company (1 page minimum)
o Describe the business your friend or relative would be starting. Please provide enough information so that someone reading your report can understand why your Top 5 Takeaways make sense for this business.
3. List of Top 5 Takeaways
o The purpose of this section is to quickly introduce your Top 5 Takeaways.
4. Takeaway # (1 page minimum)*
o Describe this key takeaway in enough detail that your friend or relative can act on your explanation without having to do additional research.
o As you describe your key takeaway, make sure to define any accounting words that your friend or relative would not know.
o Provide an example of what applying this takeaway would look like for your friend’s company. If this involves doing math or building a schedule, then please show all your work.
5. Conclusion (1 page maximum)