Write a research paper on Misreporting and misuse of data and social science statistics

You are tasked with researching two examples of potentially problematic uses of data with a minimum of two sources discussing each. One should be focused on the misuse of data in the media, researchers, or by politicians and the other will be concerns about some “big data” or algorithm-based program. You cannot use examples from class, so make sure to do the assigned readings to ensure no overlap. I have purposefully left out major uses of data to leave for research in this assignment.
The misuse of data can be accidental or purposefully misleading, but should not be an outright lie. Ensure your example has some element of truth to it, but has been remarked to be misleading. Your research should summarize how the misuse came about, how it was covered in the media, and any efforts to remediate or fix the issue.
The concern about some “big data” or algorithm-based program should be covered substantially by several news sources and your research should highlight the purported benefits of the program/research/product as well as the documented downsides. Be sure to explain how the program works in the process.