Write a research paper about Immigration reform.

Current controversial issue that has two or more positions, E.G. , immigration reform. Remember, the purpose of your paper may be more than just to persuade. It may also be to inform or entertain. Who is your audience? Are they familiar with this issue or novices leaning about it for the first time? Be specific about the relevance or significance of this particular issue to the audience. State your claim thesis clearly in one or more sentence usually not more than three. Make sure your underlying assumption belief or warrant is valid. Include the credentials attribution and appositives of any authors or sources in this issue. Be careful to pick credible sources to support your position. Acknowledge any strong argument on your opponent’s part with a counter argument or concession and refutation. Avoid any logical fallacies in your argument false analogy, hasty generalization, AD hominem, ETC. be sure your evidence is accurate, adequate, current, and fair. Balance your paper by using more than one appeal logos to support your claim. Decide on whether you want to use deductive claim first or inductive Claim last order, and if you build up to your most important support point last, that is emphatic order. Include a formal outline and copies or originals of all sources with the final paper.